How Selectr works

1. Create an account and club profile

The club administrator can create an account here

Customise your account by adding your club name and logo!

2. Create selection events

Create as many selection events as you like. You set the dates, time, location and eligibility requirements, and Selectr will generate registration links for you to publish.

Send invitations to your selectors so that they can access the app and their allocated selection event.

3. Publish the registration link

The registration link gives your club the flexibility to choose how to promote your selection events; publish the link via email, social media, your website, or all of the above.

Players simply follow the link and steps to register!

If the club administrator makes any changes to the selection event, registered players are automatically notified via Selectr and email.

4. Selection day

On the day of selection, the club administrator takes rollcall via the Selectr app to mark players as absent or attending. If a new player or late player turns up – no problem! – simply add their details directly into the app.

5. Generate the team line ups

Check that the number of courts and the time you have available is updated in the event details, so that Selectr’s algorithm can work to your requirements.

Selectr is automatically programmed to ensure that all attending players receive at least 2 games, so no one misses out. A number will appear next to each players' name which tells you how many games they have received.

With one click Selectr will automatically generate your team line-ups, which feeds directly to your selector’s devices.

6. Start Selecting

Your selectors can navigate through their allocated games via the Selectr Dashboard. In Game View, your selectors can change the team colours to match patches, swap and change players, view player profiles, rank players in real time and make selection notes against each player.